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  • Did you read our clients' testimonials?

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  • Did you read the Governement's Stratégie d'action en matière d'immigration 2016-2021?

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  • Why learning French is a great idea?

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  • Did you read our clients' testimonials?

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  • Did you read the Governement's Stratégie d'action en matière d'immigration 2016-2021?

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  • Why learning French is a great idea?

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  • Marion Weinspach, founder

    Marion Weinspach, founder

    Holding a postgraduate degree in Literature and a master degree in French as a second language, I have been teaching adults for 10 years.

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    Virginie Suzanne, founder

    Virginie Suzanne, founder

    Graduated with 2 Master degrees, one in French as Second Language Pedagogy and the other in Education Sciences, I am a French as second language teacher, specialized on specific objectives and immigrant professionals.

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    Luc Constantin

    I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Ethnology and a Master's Degree in Literature from the Université de la Sorbonne. I have been teaching French as a second language to adult learners for almost 15 years.

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    Sandra Matos

    I am a fully-trained language teacher with many years of experience working with immigrant adult students.

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  • For the past 5 years, Lefep has been helping Canadian anglophones and immigrants integrate socially and professionally in Quebec. With us, you can acquire advanced and specialized French language skills so that you can reach your professional goals.

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  • Our objectives consist in:

    • Participating to a successful integration for the immigrants in a democratic, French speaking and pluralistic Quebec society.
    • Enhancing the French language sharing through the use of French in work places.
    • Contributing to the Quebec society dynamism in essential socio-professional areas.

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    The material is the exclusive property of Le Français en partage. The client cannot, for the duration of the current contract and after, without any time limit, provide this material to any other person, including a private tutor who is not a collaborator of Le Français en partage, for any use whether personal, professional or other.

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  • I passed all the 4 parts of the exam

    "Yesterday, I was informed that I passed all the 4 parts of the exam. I want to thank you for all the support provided and to wish you “Bonne chance” in all your activities!"

    Carla, Occupational Therapist

  • The teachers help to motivate and encourage

    "The teachers also help to motivate and encourage, which is really needed to win over the 'psychological' aspect of approaching the exam with confidence."

    Rebecca, accountant

  • Our time together was efficient and productive

    "My tutor quickly picked up on my weak areas that needed to be focused on. He gave me lots of practice material to do on my own so our time together was efficient and productive."

    Jessica, Pediatrician

  • Lefep accommodates with busy schedule

    "I felt major improvement during my daily encounter despite the fact that I only did 10 hours. I highly recommend this course to people to accommodate with their busy schedule."

    Hassan, Surgeon resident

  • A well structured class and helpful exercices

    "The class was well structured and the exercises provided in class were very helpful in not only tackling the OQLF exam but also improving my French."

    Amy, Accountant CPA

  • I will for sure talk about this program!

    "Lots of work to do at home and lots of feedback from my tutor. I will for sure talk about this program to the many people who are in the same situation I was."

    Amnelis, Nurse

  • Lefep was my solution

    "I have finally passed, after numerous previous unsuccessful attempts on my own. Lefep was my solution."

    Thomas, Doctor

  • My only regret is I didn't find them sooner!

    "After four years and five attempts, I passed the last section of the exam with only six weeks of (intensive!) tutor session and (expertly guided!) self study."

    Mica, Speech Therapist

  • It felt so great to get my license!

    "It felt so great to get the license that I had gone to school for so long. And to earn and to start working in Quebec!"

    Ann, Psychologist

  • They focused on the items to be strengthen

    " They focused on the items that I needed to strengthen and provided guidance on a structure to address the written exam which I found to be the hardest part."

    Stephen, Engineer

  • The right tools

    "Preparing with LeFep for the new version of OQLF not only allowed me to properly prepare and succeed in the examination. But they also provided me with the right tools to be able to progress in French at work.

    Thank you LeFep for helping me integrate my knowledge into the French community. "


  • After one attempt with flying colours!

    "Thank you so much! With your help, I was able to pass the OQLF exam after one attempt with flying colours."

    Natalie, Dentist

  • I passed on the first try!

    "I successfully passed my OQLF French exam on the first try because of the invaluable tutoring I received from Le Français en Partage."

    Ann, Psychologist

  • I succeeded right after the lessons

    "I spent ten hours with Edith to get ready for my exam. I was very satisfied and well prepared. I succeeded right after we finished the lessons. Thank you for your help."

    Martina, psychologist

  • They were able to work with me remotely

    "I researched a number of companies to help me to pass the OQLF test. I chose Lefep as I liked their approach and ability to work with me remotely."

    Stephen, Engineer

  • Language learning is well covered

    "I like that all aspect of language learning is well covered eg. pronunciation and grammar, revision of what previously has been discussed and the space given to express my thoughts at any time."

    Hassan, Surgeon resident

  • A pleasant relationship

    "Lefep taught me the structure of the written part, stressing what examiners are looking for. They were also patient, friendly and encouraging. A pleasant relationship."

    Ann, Psychologist

  • Lefep strategic focus helps pass the exam

    "I was immediately impressed by Lefep strategic focus in helping the candidate pass the exam. Instead of a generic approach taken by most other language institutions."

    Rebecca, Accountant

  • I passed all sections of the l’OQLF

    "I am happy to say, that with my tutor’s help, I passed all sections of the l’OQLF exam and have continued my professional practice in nursing in Quebec."

    Monica, nurse

  • I thought 70% was unreachable

    "Thanks to the course and Edith, I was able to bring my score of 50 to above 70, something I thought was unreachable. Thank you!"

    Amnelis, Nurse

  • I passed the exam in a short time

    "All the questions and situations she prepared for me are so similar to my everyday job, that it helped me pass the exam in a short time."

    Yutong, real estate broker

  • I passed with exceptional results

    "I passed the exam with exceptional results the second time around. This helped me obtain my designation and also helped to progress my career."

    Rebecca, accountant

  • My tutor guided me through a structured curriculum

    "My tutor patiently guided me through a structured curriculum to develop my skills. And then I succeeded the exam!"

    Carmen, Surgeon

  • Integrate successfully Quebec professional system!

    "I wholeheartedly recommend Lefep to anyone who is looking to pass the exam and integrate successfully into the Quebec professional system."

    Rebecca, accountant

  • The teachers are excellent

    "The teachers are excellent at getting the best results at an individual level while targeting areas of weakness to work on in a helpful and positive way."

    Thomas, Doctor

  • Targeted study material

    "My tutor knew the OQLF exam inside and out and provided me with targeted study material."

    Ann, Psychologist

  • Thanks a lot for my career!

    "Also, my French in the professional area improved a lot. I can now communicate with the clients without problem. Thanks a lot to them for my career."

    Yutong, real estate broker

  • that's the beginning of my career!

    "My teacher helped me A LOT with my french grammar and vocabulary as well as my oral. She always encouraged me to speak and made me feel confident. After 20hr courses, I successfully passed the OQLF French exam for dietitian. Merci!"

    Serafina, Dietician

  • I highly recommend them

    "I highly recommend them to anyone that would like to learn the language and perfect their skills. Thank you Lefep!"
    Rinky, Optometrist
  • Lefep reduced my anxiety speaking French

    "My teacher helped me to improve my communication and written skills, and aided me in reducing my anxiety around expressing myself in French."

    Monica, Nurse

  • Journey of learning French

    ¨I want to express my sincere gratitude to my teacher who was so patient with me throughout my journey of learning French and successfully competing the exam. She prepared me for the exam with materials and teaching that were specifically designed for my profession. For anyone preparing for the exam, I strongly recommend the services of the LEFEP¨


  • They have multiple ways of explaining

    "My instructors were knowledgeable and patient. They had multiple ways of explaining items that I found difficult to understand. I highly recommend Lefep to anyone who needs to pass the OQLF exam."

    Stephen, Engineer

  • Lefep was my last hope!

    "I would never have passed my professional French proficiency exam without the help of my tutor from Lefep."

    Jessica, Pediatrician

  • Rapid improvement and measurable results!

    "I have no doubt that I have Lefep to thank for my rapid improvement and measurable results."

    Ann, Psychologist

  • I passed the OQLF exam in one shot!

    "With the help of Virginie's excellent tutoring and teaching, as well as the well-designed materials, I was able to pass the OQLF exam in one shot!”

    Nathalie, Couple and family therapist

  • I was prepared for the various compenents of the exam

    "Through their program, Lefep prepared me for the various components of the exam. Always cheerful, she was also a great source of encouragement!"

    C., Family Doctor

  • A well-though and focused approach

    “I wish I had accessed their well thought out and focused approach sooner."

    Monica, Nurse

  • They focused on passing the exam

    "LeFEP differed in that they focused on passing the exam, not just on improving my vocabulary and my grammar."

    Daniel, Dietician

  • Flexibility to fit my schedule

    "What made LeFEP stand out from the other school that I attended in Montreal was their flexibility to fit my schedule and meet my needs."

    Daniel, Dietician

  • Highly recommended!

    "Without her classes, I know I wouldn't have passed my two parts this time. Highly recommended!"

    Amy, accountant CPA

  • Definitely worth your time!

    "I passed two parts of the exam with my tutor help! I improved drastically from 48% to 80%. It is definitely worth your time. All it takes is dedication. Thanks again!"

    Esther, Nurse

  • I recommend this service to anyone

    "I am more than happy to recommend this service to anyone who requires assistance preparing for this examination."

    Carmen, Surgeon

  • Get an individualized approach

    "Virginie met with me to determine my baseline level of French proficiency and individualized her approach to focus on what I needed to improve to ensure success."

    Ann, Psychologist

  • Training material provided was very high-yield

    "In summary, my tutor was an absolute pleasure to work with and the training material provided was very high-yield."

    Carmen, Surgeon

  • I developped my own capabilities

    "After Lefep, I was able to develop all the capabilities and knowledge required to navigate the specialized language exam."

    Linda, Director, Transaction advisory (accountant)

  • We did it. Good job!

    "Edith was always prepared with adequate material and notes. She was always helpful, listened to my concerns and needs, patient when I made mistakes. We did it. Good job!"

    Martina, psychologist

  • Lefep targets your weaknesses

    "Lefep focuses specifically on what gaps you have in your knowledge and targets those weaknesses in order to help you succeed."

    Rebecca, Accountant

  • I passed the OQLF!

    "Thank you very much for all your help. I passed the OQLF."

    Tom, Doctor

  • You really made a difference in my life!

    "Thank you again for all of your help and support. You really made a difference in my life."

    Monica, Nurse

  • My tutor instilled confidence in me

    "My tutor was very kind and patient, and he instilled confidence in me. He was also incredibly flexible and worked around my tight schedule. I HIGHLY recommend Lefep."

    Jessica, Pediatrician

  • The course was amazing!!!

    "The course was amazing!!! I really wished I had known about it earlier. I had an amazing tutor!!! She went above and beyond with me. The course really focused on my job and on the exam."

    Amnelis, Nurse

  • An individual educational plan specific to my needs

    "My teacher explored my strengths and weaknesses as a learner and set up an individual educational plan specific to my needs. We worked on specific tasks and  skills I needed for professional communication."

    Monica, nurse

  • The services of Lefep changed my life

    "After numerous attempts, I was struggling to pass the oral and written sections. It was at this time, that I was introduced to the services of Lefep, which changed my life."

    Monica, nurse

  • I could not have done it without you!

    "Thank you for all of your help. I could not have done it without you."

    Steven, Family Doctor

  • All aspect of language learning is well covered

    "I appreciate the time spent on repetition. All aspect of language learning was well covered: pronunciation, grammar, revision of what previously has been discussed."

    Hassan, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

  • They adjust to your capacity!

    "They took into account the mental, psychological and physical capacity of the learner which is an amazing quality in a teacher that not many schools possess."


  • All aspect of language learning is well covered

    "I appreciate the time spent on repetition, flexible scheduling, exclusivity, patience, all aspect of language learning is well covered eg. pronunciation and grammar, revision of what previously has been discussed and the space given to express my thoughts at any time."

    Hassan, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

  • Lessons are very helpful

    "Your teaching is so enjoyable, and the lessons are very helpful as we prepare to write the OQLF exams again."

    Patricia, Nurse

  • The best way to get ready for the exam!

    "After my classes with Sandra, I was very well prepared for the written part of the exam. I did not have any practice of writing business letters in french at work."

    Anna, Accountant


  • I passed on my first attempt

    "They spent 1 hour assessing my skills and proposed a plan to help me to pass the exam. The plan was successful as I passed on my first attempt."

    Stephen, Engineer

  • I am now able to practice in Quebec!

    "I am now able to practice in Quebec with a much stronger ability to communicate in French professionally. Thank you again!"

    Natalie, Dentist

  • I found Lefep just before my temporary permit expired

    "My tutor was able to tailor my sessions to my needs and I received materials which precisely prepared me to succed my exam."

    MicaSpeech Therapist


  • Very easy to follow and very helpful

    ‘’Thank you for your dedication and patience, all the helpful materials and your availability to discuss and correct me during the learning process. The one-on-one preparation course and the program offered from Lefep was very easy to follow and very helpful.’’


  • Lefep well prepared me to pass the OQLF exam

    "The private French class offered by Lefep well prepared me to pass the OQLF exam for both writing and oral parts."

    Amy, accountant CPA

  • Numerous opportunities!

    "I greatly appreciated the numerous opportunities to practice and you really do see tangible improvement with each progressive session."

    Rebecca, accountant

  • The space to express my thoughts

    "Flexible scheduling, exclusivity and patience also made it worth it. And I was always given the space to express my thoughts at any time."

    Hassan, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

  • The notes and tips were really helpful

    "I passed the exam. My tutor was very patient and precise. He helped me prepare step by step. The notes and tips for the exam were really helpful. I highly recommend these lessons."

    Xiao Lei, CPA

  • Lefep is a wonderful service

    "Lefep is a wonderful service, which should be learned from. My only regret was that I learned about their services so late."

    Monica, Nurse

  • I grew more confident in French !

    "Thank to your teaching, I grew more confident of my own ability in French language."

    Ivanka, Accountant

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